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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Short Exchange with Japanese Students

We hosted Sae two summers ago now - and now the information about this summer program has been shared with previous host families.  We got connected to the LABO program (focuses on language development) through 4-H, but you don't have to be 4-H family to participate.  You do need to live in South Dakota.  Please contact me if you'd like to meet the director of this program. It's wonderful in many respects, but I loved that our introduction to hosting an exchange student was short.  Their stay will be from Sunday, July 24th to Saturday, Aug. 20th and the only other requirement is that you have a child within two years from the age in a matching gender of the student you're hosting. Olana even shared her bedroom with Sae!

Yuriko Tanabe   13   Basketball, piano, reading.  Asthma, allergies to cats and dogs
Kaho Sakaguchi   13   Volleyball, camping, shopping, dancing.  Energetic
Mami Ehara   13  Loves sports, running, soccer, volleyball, history, origami, calligraphy
Yoshiko Hatano   13  Piano, Hiking, reading, tennis, swimming, music, small children
Mizuho Hayakawa   13   Dance, music, drawing, make many friends
Hikari Shimamura   13   Shopping, dogs, sports, track, wants to touch animals
Hitomi Ezuka   13   Soccer, basketball, drawing, ride a horse, small children
Rika Abe   14   Music, eating, soccer, family life
Yurika Kino   14   Tennis, friends, walks, reading, want to see Laura Ingalls Homestead
Akihiro Beppu   13     Baseball, sports, host family emphasis
Ryo Sasaki   13   Jogging, tennis, painting, crafts, swimming, Chess, allergy medication
Atsushi Ota   13   Sports, Basketball, video gmes, cooking, math, cultural emphasis
Matsatogu Kato   13   Rugby, baseball, swimming, wants to speak better English
Takeomi Kamata   13   Baseball, Basketball, video games, movies, communication
Tomohiro Morishita   13   Soccer, reading, movies, slight allergies, cultural interest
Naoki Takahashi   14   Ping pong, swimming, singing, video games, amusement park

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