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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Worship Life Camp at Central this Week

My kids will be dancing and arting it up at Worship Life Camp at Central Baptist this week.  I'm helping out in the cooking and painting break outs.  By noon I'll be slush - not much flavor and pretty useless.  However, it'll be great for 80-some kiddos, and probably me in some capacity I haven't imagined yet, (more on that later).  There's been a program on the last day *Friday with all of the break outs.  My favorites include dance and drama - as they are focused on bible stories.  This year's theme is Creation. I'll post the time and exact location for the summation soon!  As for cooking, we're calling ourselves the "Third Day Bakers" because fruit was created on the third day.  Since I don't live by the ocean and tend to take light for granted, it's probably my favorite day of creation...sorry birds, cows and crawly things.  There will be samples in the Friday program. Last year we did parables and some poems inspired by them, below is one of the writers I had in my class.  There weren't enough kids signed up for writing this year, but that's okay - I'm behind on my writing right now & need to get caught up (which means NO NEW projects!!!)

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Jennifer Noble said...

11 a.m. in the Oakwood Chapel.