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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kid Life

Last night we finished Sierra's "ABC South Dakota Scrapbook!"  She values independent thinking so much that I have to act like I'm not interfering in the content whatsoever.  I say things like, "Maybe you could write something about the Extraordinary Avenue of Presidents being an adventure in history... Just put it in your own words."  Or, "I've given you three suggestions, if you have something in mind, go ahead and use it."   So since I haven't been able to express my opinion much with Sierra, I thought I might blog about it and feel better.  The Presidential statues are now in Rapid City, and I think they're a great addition to visiting Mount Rushmore!

The kids were with us through much of our house hunt.  There was one day I was trying not to look at anything on the computer, and I did well until Chad sucked me in with a question.  When I sat at the computer with a disgusted look on my face Olana was like, "What?"
There are thousands of photos like this online.

I said, "I'm not supposed to be looking at houses today."  She responded, "But it's so fun!"  So, glad we are further down that road at this point and onto decorating ideas.

Last, this book on multiplication is great - chronicles the struggles of the main character to pass his tables and his interest in caring for the class pet.  I checked out Claudia Mill's book for my 4th grader, but my son who has been trying to learn alongside his big sister (in 1st grade) was actually the one who took interest.  To Sierra's defense, the main character is a boy!  Boys - yuck!

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