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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today our family went through some of our bins prior to moving in April.  There was a bag of newspaper articles from my hometown of Algona that my Grandma Elisabeth Radig had saved through the years.  I thought about how she enjoyed submitting articles for the nearby small town of Lone Rock.  She was a creative person at heart as she loved to plan church events, piano recital pieces, and save clippings of the stories she wrote about her family.  There was definitely some bias going on!  However, it was very special to me to find several clippings and a program from "My Fair Lady."  I had been a part of the chorus during that musical, but was there because it was something to do that summer.  Now as I think about it, my grandma had taken me to several musicals in Algona, and she was probably very excited to see her grand-daughter for five minutes in the performance.

I scanned in a few of my favorite selections to share in this post.  As I sorted through bins today, I couldn't help but credit my stashes of scrapbooks and photo albums to both of my grandmas and of course my mother.  As a child, I remember sorting through my other grandma's collection of boxes for Christmas gifts.  My aunt Lisa and I sorted them by size and threw the junky ones away.  Of course, with cleaning, a lot has to be thrown away - but now, these articles can be kept for just a little longer!
My Grandma Elisabeth Radig is in the middle with the shopping cart

My mom is on the left - she loved being a Cadette!

This was my favorite one when I was admiring a 4-H award...such a big deal at the time.

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