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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poetry Party Post

So if you do an image search for poetry you find a lot of flowers and hearts - blah!  I try to spring ahead of National Poetry Month with hosting a poetry party the last weekend in March.  This year I didn't have much planning to do as a friend who'd attended in the past thought of what we could do (make poems from Speed Scrabble words!)  I am going to be pitching a wall hanging of an older piece titled "A Home Blessing" written in verse - so before I do I thought I'd document it in honor of the joy poetry brings.

God's blessing rest upon this home
And all who dwell within;
May all who enter, too, be blessed,
Traveler, friend or kin.

Enrich this home with happiness,
Good fellowship, and cheer;
The comfort of His Presence rest
On all who sojourn here.

-- Now, to make a writing exercise out of this lovely work...try forming a poem that sounds old fashioned. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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