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Monday, April 23, 2012

Decorating Exploration

With my feelings of anxiety over putting stuff on the walls at the new place, I've enlisted friends and neighbors to make the task feel like fun.  So far it seems to be a great strategy.  I'm so glad that the rummaging will begin so that I can find frames with the hanging mechanism on them (you know the ones they sell nowadays don't have it in place?!)  I'm so irritated with those framing companies that I am going to send a little letter explaining the observation that the price has tripled but the quality of the frame has taken a nosedive!  Sorry for my venting, now, back to the good stuff...

Since yellow seems to be the color of the season and it fits alright with my kitchen, I painted my mom's hand-me-down bread basket yesterday (a special thanks to Rachel - her blog's at  We ended up headed back to Iowa to shop and of course, beings I'm from Iowa, there was a nostalgic ring to the whole adventure.  Then I got home and decided I needed to hang some things in my bathroom so I could use my jewelry again and also wanted to get this basket dried to use during the week.

Here's a couple observations about my creative work, and I tend to think of it in light of the Lord's creativity, and I'm so glad he rested one day, cuz man - this business is exhausting!  Here's what I mean...

1)  It is very difficult to stop in the middle of a creative project.  It seems to have a mind of its own.  From the perspective of being fallen creatures here, I struggle with not being pushy.  I've seen other people in their creative zone doing the same thing.  My question is, "How do we work creatively and keep relationships honoring to the Lord?"

2)  So the other thing is I know I've taken quite the creative hiatus because it makes a mess.  You get all the stuff out, do the work, and then it's time to put it all away?  The proportion is probably 1 part creative effort to 3 parts clean up.  This seems wrong!

3)  I'm still looking for the reward.  The kids really loved the bathroom, but it still feels unfinished (well, it is unfinished).  I hope by June I can kind of feel like it's in pretty good shape - otherwise, I'm afraid my flowers will dry up much before they should!  Thanks for your prayers in our "getting settled in."

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