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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Light Da Vinci Reading

         I went on a recent exploration of the Sioux City Art Center and had a blast!  I knew there was a Da Vinci exhibit on the way, so I found a few books at the library to introduce him to the family.  Neo Leo was my husband's favorite, describing modern inventions through the eyes of nature and with the historic references to the first inventions and Da Vinci's sketches.

Then the book "Who Stole Mona Lisa?" tells the story from the painting's point of view.  She has a legendary smile, and millions come to see her every day. Some say she is the most famous painting in the world. Who is she? Why, the Mona Lisa, of course! But did you know that she was once stolen from her wall at the Louvre? Who took her? Why? Where was she hidden? How was she found?

Narrated by the lady of the enigmatic smile herself--and brought to life with gorgeous paintings that take the reader from da Vinci's renaissance right up to the present day--this is a stylishly whimsical account of the glorious, wonderful, sometimes dangerous life of the best recognized painting of all time. Discover the secrets behind her mysterious smile, and hear for yourself the amazing true story of her kidnapping.  These are both easy reading picks in preparation for viewing the upcoming exhibit in Sioux City.

Sioux City Art Center's exhibit:
The exhibition contains 35 models of inventions
made from original Leonardo da Vinci drawings,
23 full-scale replications of his art masterpieces,
together with a time room, 4 computer simulations,
and a theater room featuring a film on the artist.
225 Nebraska St.(donation only)
July 14-Oct. 14


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Thanks for letting me know about this exhibit and these good books!

Thea said...

Love this idea - connecting the art in the building with the books! Great story!

Jennifer Noble said...

Thanks Thea.