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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Central Baptist Challenge

This past Sunday one of pastor Jeff Wheeler's challenges was to worship until we experienced the Lord's pleasure.  He based this challenge off of a scripture that's not in front of me right now.  I've been reading a lot of Proverbs 8 this week, so I turned it into a poem/song lyrics.  Now if I could only borrow Sara Groves or Casting Crowns or Fernando Ortega for a day and hear her come up with a melody and sing it to me over and over (bliss!)  Until then, or in heaven, here's my worship.

Man, oh man where are we?
Listen, I'll tell you the truth
I'll tell you what's right
Choose the Lord,
He'll battle our fight

He'll give wisdom, like diamonds
Valuable and rare
And nothing compares with that
We shouldn't do it our way
Often times we fall astray
But God has the power today

He is mighty, He is valiant
He's strength with an honorable fight
And He'll never move too fast
He's patient for the right
Oh Lord, please take up our fight

I see crying and pain
In my neighbor's eyes
I see children who don't have
A family table gathering at home
And they call out to me
I wish there was more
But it's only a little
Of God's heaven's store
Let's see where our treasure gives birth

He calls back to me, saying, "I am the King,"
"I love those who love me,
With me are riches, you're longing for,
And it's not the money
And it may not be fame
But I promise your blessings full
As you honor my name."

And as I stop the seas,
I can stop injustices you see
I set the heavens in place,
I can free the enslaved
I established the clouds,
And I can bring the rain
Just listen, then trust me
As small as it may seem
I see it in My majesty

You're mighty, You're valiant
You're the strength of an honorable fight
And you don't move too fast
And you're patient for the right
Oh Lord, please take up my fight

Blessings, Jennifer Noble


Katie said...

Great job, Jennifer! said...

Really good! Loved it!

Jennifer Noble said...