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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken Satay from Jamie Oliver

From Jamie Oliver's "Meals in Minutes" I worked on his Chicken Satay and Spicy Noodle recipe.  His cookbook is laid out by how you prep in spurts while cooking - the peanut sauce here, the cashews there, the noodles wrapping things up.  There were several recipes that looked wonderful, and I'm going to be adding some of the flavors to yogurt for dressings he suggested (mint and other seasonings).

This cookbook did throw a few curve balls at me with curry pastes I couldn't find, but I ordered similar products and hoped for similar results.  I enjoyed the nuts the most - agave nectar for this recipe (and then I coated some of them with cinnamon and cayenne pepper too!)  If you want to try something like it but don't want to make it yourself, right now Coffea in Sioux Falls has "spicy nuts" on their menu.

I don't have the cookbook at home anymore (back home to the library), but if you do want to look up this recipe, I would suggest cutting the asking amount of lime in half.  We felt it overpowered the noodles.  The recipe called for two if I remember correctly, and one would suffice.

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