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Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing Exercise #11 ~ 20

Capturing the moments
Journaling is a huge relaxer for me (especially now that we dropped our cable!)  I record my favorite entries and information I may need to refer back to by date in the front, and in the back I number a list of things I'm thankful for.  It's great to read through them during stressful times, and it's a writing exercise too.  It makes you keenly aware of the present - the powerful emotion of joy and unique situations that stir up a heart of thankfulness.  As Andrew went to bed tonight, he didn't have anything to ask God about.  I said, "Then we'll pray a list of things we're thankful for and God will love it!"  We hosted my grandparents over the weekend in conjunction with my in-laws and we are grateful for the time together (see photos).  And since I'm nearing the end of my journal and current list of things I'm grateful for, I wanted to transfer them over to the blog.  If you try all of this, you'll not only have an exercise in writing and being thankful but your typing as well!

The guys golfed, Andrew made it 14 holes

1)  Thankful for Heather participating with Sierra in church choir
2)  My dad and brother attended the Iowa/Nebraska game with Chad & his dad, friends
3)  Looking through old scrapbooks and enjoying recounting my memories at my first improv comedy outing
4)  Having online Scrabble games
5)  Heather's new bible
6)  Talking with guests at the Ronald McDonald House
7)  My dad refinishing an old desk for us
One of our new September photos

8)  "We love to read, do you?" note from Sierra as she started her summer reading
9)  2nd year in a row anniversary dinner with friends
10)  Visiting children in the hospital
11)  Finishing our wedding album
12)  Looking at our wedding album on the 4th of July
13)  Olana's dream that she fell down the stairs (this could actually happen!)
14)  The kids making paintings for their grandmas
15)  Golfing with the Muffs (even me!)
16)  Seeing art on the sidewalks
17)  Fruit with mayo on romaine
18)  Mad libs
19)  Silly glasses
20)  Indian food
21)  When Andrew said he was thankful that Chad "doesn't have a full face of hair"
22)  Mel in my mom's life
23)  "I Love God" written on Sierra's nametag for school
24)  How kids like our "soft couch" from my mom
25)  Getting to bed after a full day of work
26)  Being a support to women as they begin prayer groups
27)  Dancing to "Good Morning"
28)  My grandparent's church in Texas
29)  Playing "Chase the Ace" - how do I keep forgetting how to play these games?
30)  Gorgeous fall days, apples on sale


Jane Heitman Healy said...

This is a great list! I am thankful for the beautiful, colorful fall weather, among other things. :)

Jennifer Noble said...

Me too! So fun to see the change of seasons (well, most of them)!