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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Green Grass Grew All Around Part 2

Over the summer I worked with a sweet child from my son's first grade class. Her and I really connected during the time I spent reading with her, and I also liked her mom a lot too!  I loved to watch Aubree sing every Monday morning. I believe it's one of her favorite things to do!  She enjoyed the refrain, "And the bird in the egg, and the egg in the nest, and the nest on the twig, and the twig on the branch, and the branch on the limb, and the limb on the tree, and the tree in the hole and the hole in the ground.  And the green grass grew all around, all around, and the green grass grew all around."

When the first graders worked on this song in school, they were missing was the list of words to follow the order of the whole growth process!  As an activity, Aubree was able to cut out pictures and add the words to work on this song with me.  It not only made the song more fun, as she could see the words, but she was reading through the words to string the song together.  Now I know she looks adorable, but you should really hear her sing!

Check out the link below to my first post on "The Green Grass" song and it will give you a link to the photos we used for this project. 


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Nice project!

Jennifer Noble said...

Thanks Jane. Did you ever notice when you read something by someone you know, you can "hear" their voice?!