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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Entertained: The Difference between a First-born and Second-born

Sometimes I chuckle when the stark differences between a first-born and second-born come to life.  I am the oldest child in my family with a younger brother.  When I was pregnant with Sierra, I was thinking my children might follow suit, but instead I have two girls and then a son.  Anyway, the funny thing is, the girls' personality traits don't differ too much from what I experience in having a younger brother!  

Yesterday was a great example.  I took Sierra and Andrew to their conferences at school while Olana stayed home to write.  She chose a topic of something she enjoyed--a week's entertainment at Walt Disney World.  I came home to read it and found that her details summed up the highlights of the trip.  Olana can relive this week over and over, looking through photos or retelling the humorous moments (like her grandma warning her that if she turned up dead, it was all our fault!)  

Sierra however, doesn't really spend too much time in the details of life.  She likes to finish projects quickly and make jokes out of erroneous information and random observations.

See the "Twin Pack" of Dawn detergent I purchased yesterday?  Sierra was like, "Mom, we have twins."

"Oh really?" I ask.

"We have twins named Dawn."

"Oh, that's funny Sierra," I affirm.  It really is cute, but man - this is not how a first-born's mind works.  I could much more easily tell you about Grandma freaking out about the Rockin' Rollercoaster.  And although that still entertains Olana and I, we're also grateful for the associations Sierra makes to keep us laughing!


Dan and Betty said...

We have two sons - now 41 and 42 - and they were/are very different in some ways - similar in others. The oldest is the more relational/emotional one and the younger more analytical. However, they are both conservative, strong Christians who married wonderful Christian girls.


Jennifer Noble said...

That's awesome. Do they read your blog Dan?