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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game Time with Joyce

My friend Joyce is amazing.  She's turning 85 this winter, and I am so looking forward to sharing her next birthday together.  We met last fall as our apartment was nearby.  Joyce is a grounded Christian mother and grandmother.  She has many stories of her children and tells me her main mission in life is to love on her grandchildren.  That is only a small portion of the people she touches if you ask me, as she oozes love the instant I see her. 

Highlights from  our visit this week include her telling me about her women of the bible study.  Their group found four different books on women of the bible, read the four accounts individual by individual, and discuss the qualities of godliness that the women did or did not exhibit.  Joyce always seems to make it personal and draw the conversation to the ways the Lord thinks, acts, or leads.  One example she shared was when she met her late husband Jack.  Her initial thought was, "What a stupid way to comb your hair!"  She found it amusing when people would tell her that she should talk to him and see if he would change his look.  He was forty-nine at the time, and she didn't think a grown man would take that kind of suggestion with honor.  I appreciate Joyce's respect of Jack, her humor and memories.
When she played a word in Upwords and I had crummy letters she told me "that's the way the ball bounces."  I'd always heard about the cookie crumbling, and I don't like that metaphor because I make solid cookies - however, when it comes to ball handling, that's another story.  I told Joyce to look up my blog on the internet because I was going to write about her.  If I can have half the humor and tenderheartedness as Joyce, I will be in great shape.  Thanks for living your faith Joyce - your light shines brightly every day!


Juanita said...

You are blessed to have a friend in Joyce. I wish to grow up to be woman-with-so-much-love like her. I wonder if that comes with age? :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Jennifer. I appreciate it!

Jennifer Noble said...

Partly I suppose. She just likes to make people laugh. I like to make people think ;)