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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Presents are Good, Love is Better

This little caption, "Presents are Good, Love is Better" was a part of my Shutterfly book I ordered for my mom.  I thought it had a good premise, not to get too caught up in the material side of giving, but I haven't  forgotten how a thoughtful gift really can speak love to one another. For example it's really fun to see someone wearing the clothes you thought would look darling on them (and they are!) or someone using your gift right away because they're so excited about it (and they have the time!)  

This was the case for Andrew as he worked two days straight on his Millennium Falcon with Chad and our girls as they wore their new clothes and boots to church today.  

As for myself, our gifts will mostly be used over the summer as we go camping...yes, we will go camping again!  I also loved looking for new recipes in my mom's cookbooks, painting my fingernails and browsing through the flute books my mom passed on to Sierra now that she's playing.  They were mostly music, but one of them was instructional and had some funky 50's musicians I wanted to photograph.  

On our 7-hour drive home (well, 6 1/2 this time!), I did some research linking cancer sores with gluten intolerance.  I might pull up a few of those articles down the road.  See what happens when I don't stay home for a weekend?  

Until then, I sign off with some shopping encouragement.  I know I need it every now and then.  And it's always nice to spread out the holiday gatherings too!  We were blessed to start on Black Friday.
This was from a Muscatine Cookbook - I don't think they're for sale anymore!

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.  Luke 16:8-10 


Dan and Betty said...

Good post and true. One slight correction to you recipe - at least for New Mexico folks - it's 'chiles' not 'chilies.'


Katie said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for the lovely birthday card! And, I'm loving my new scrubbie as well. I enjoyed your Christmas letter and the family photo.
Enjoy the season!

Jennifer Noble said...

We thought of you guys w/ the drive by-we should chat this week. I have a taekwondo friend who is from Brazil and became a Christian through missionaries there.

Jennifer Noble said...

Dan- Funny. I thought something looked fishy in that recipe. We obviously need to travel south more often!!