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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Posts to Check Out  The first link & story here is to the most recent story I've been working on for the Ronald McDonald House.  The recipe for cookies is one I remember having at school lunch growing up as a kid.  I have been looking for this recipe for 30 years, and now I don't eat wheat/sugar!  Err...  

One special baker extraordinaire began providing treats to the Ronald McDonald House over twenty-five years ago while her daughters were just toddlers. Years later Mary still finds that the enjoyment she experiences baking can be passed along to the guests at the house.

A recent guest that stayed for a few days wanted to track down one of her recipes after all the cookies were eaten. Mary’s monthly treats generated a lot of stir over the holiday week. They are called “Very Good Cookies,” and if you bake them, you'll see why.

Very Good Cookies
1 c. butter 1 c. white sugar
1 c. brown sugar   1 egg

Then add:
1 c. quick oatmeal 1 c. coconut 1 c. canola oil
1 t. vanilla 1 t. cream of tarter
1 t. soda 1 c. rice cereal 3 ½ c. flour ¾ c. chopped nuts (pecans/ walnuts, etc.)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and roll cookie dough into balls. Press the balls onto an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes, or until the edges of the cookies are golden brown.

Mary finds that she “has more recipes than she can shake a stick at,” but that’s all good for the people who find her baked goods waiting for them upon return from the hospital.

Mary thinks the treats would be welcomed if she were in the same position as a family staying at the Ronald McDonald House and says, “If I were sitting somewhere while my child was in the hospital, a homemade cookie would be nice.”

When Mary first heard about the Ronald McDonald House she was part of women called the Sunrise La Sertoma group. The idea for her to bake for the house came when another woman asked if the Ronald McDonald House accepted baked goods. She finds she can try out new recipes and decide if they are good ones to share, “Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t,” Mary comments matter-of-factly. She did get an early start with baking though being the oldest of five siblings.

As we found Mary willing to tell us a little more about her volunteer service, she was also willing to share her recipe that one of our guests asked us to find. It was one she clipped from a newspaper years ago, and one she’s made many times since. We’re posting it today so that you can try a batch for yourself!

If your group is willing to bake something for the Ronald McDonald House, simply call and reserve a spot. In addition to baked items, there are businesses and organizations who provide a meal, more formally known as “Caring Cooks” to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

Thanks for thinking of the House, and it's really a fun place to help out!

In addition to this site and post, another blogger has a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to chopping nuts! this week is doing a giveaway for a Breville chopper/blender.   Her blog is pretty fun, and I've been posting new "buttons" for blogs I've been reading.  There's a lot of busy moms out there folks!  Happy cookie making, Jennifer


Dan and Betty said...

Good stuff and I love cookies.

Great charity too.


Jennifer Noble said...

Thanks. You'll have to bake some Dan!