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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

The other day I was looking through photos and videos.  I was already excited for summertime.  Going to Boone, Iowa, was a great time with my mom, Mel and our kids.  We went on a "Dessert Train" ride and my mom brought a deck of cards and a few books to read to the kids.  It was a great day for getting outside and taking photos.  Since you're on a train, even in hot temps, it's fine to go out and take a few snapshots as the train is moving along.
Kate Shelley's biography was appropriate for a train ride!

The Dessert Train features First Class service in climate controlled comfort aboard the 
historic "City of San Francisco" or "City of Los Angeles" cars.  You can enjoy a beverage, 
light snack, and scrumptious dessert during your two hour ride through the 
Des Moines River Valley. Prices range from $20-24.00.

From their webside, I noticed that right now they have a few openings for their Christmas tour!  
The ride departs from the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad depot, located at 225 10th Street 
in Boone, travels to the "North Pole", and returns. On board, you will: sing Christmas carols, 
hear the story of "Santa's Scenic Valley Ride", be served hot chocolate and a cookie, 
greet Santa, and receive a silver bell.


Dan and Betty said...

I love trains. We've ridden the Durango to Silverton train in Colorado and the cog rail train to Pikes Peak. I still want to ride the Chama train in Northern New Mexico.


Jennifer Noble said...

How far away is that ride from you?