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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Oh my funnies

Andrew creating with Connectagons
Tucking Andrew in last night he asked me if sleeping was an activity.  When I told him yes, he said that was good because he wrote about it at school.  He wanted to share his three points with me about sleeping.  According to Andrew, sleep is...

1.  Relaxing
2.  Helps your bruises to heal.
3.  Makes you not be crabby.

I gave him his hug and told him those points were right on.  I then explained that I figured the activity of sleeping was not chosen by any of the other second graders.  I told him that was alright though, because it's fun to know about things like sleeping. I said, "You just keep on getting smarter everyday.  Are you getting smarter everyday?"  He replied confidently, "Yes."  So then I thought Sierra would get a kick out of this story.  When I started with the whole "getting smarter everyday" cheer, she told me she wasn't getting smarter, but "more godly."  Nice answer huh?
A Get-Smarter Opportunity - Drama at RHS this week


Dan and Betty said...

Right on about sleeping. One of God's gifts.


Jennifer Noble said...

Personally, I can't wait until heaven in hopes that we get to soak in the light and don't have to sleep along with the big guy. I love Genesis where the light is called good, and well, the darkness, it isn't. The girls in this house take twice as long as the guys to get to sleep ;) How about yours?