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Monday, February 25, 2013

8-yr-old son is a fan!

"Little Dog Lost" is my 8-yr-old son's new favorite non-fiction title.  It's a rescue story - so it provides rising action, conflict and resolution all in real life events.  We love it at my house when that happens!

On a cold winter day, a curious dog wandered onto a frozen river, and before he knew it he was traveling fast on a sheet of ice. Many people tried to help, but the dog could not be reached. Finally, after two nights and seventy-five miles, the little dog was saved by a ship out in the Baltic Sea.

The gallant rescue of the little dog nicknamed Baltic made international news. Mônica Carnesi's simple text and charming watercolor illustrations convey all the drama of Baltic's journey. His story, with its happy ending, will warm readers' hearts. An author's note includes more of the actual account, including the sentence, "Using a grappling iron, he was able to get close enough to the ice floe to pull the dog to safety."  We didn't know what a grappling iron was, but thankfully, an internet search engine could pull it up for us in less than 5 seconds!

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