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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing Pieces Review

Product DetailsThis was a note I sent to Jennifer Rothschild about a bible study of hers that we completed...Thank you Jennifer for all your work (and your team's) on Missing Pieces. It was very helpful to me as well as two additional couples in our small group. I especially was blessed by how you flipped the question of "Why pain?" to "Why grace?" I think that is a valid point and I loved the song you wrote to go with that message. Our last meeting we heard that others were blessed by ...your gifts of teaching and preparation in the study. Initially to convey some of the struggle of being blind, we had the two couples did through a bag blindfolded and try to identify with the objects. My husband and I decided to put our clothes away together in our closet blindfolded. I found that it was more difficult to navigate to the bedroom than to put the laundry away, so when you pointed out that blindness and menopause do not make a good combination...I could easily see how that was true, and I'm only in my thirties.

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