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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kate Coomb's "Water Sings Blue" was a book I found because I was looking for non-fiction for a fourth grade reader.  Although I sought it out for the poetry, I ended up being the most impressed with the illustrator.  Meilo So, by her own biography was "Madie in Hong Kong.  Packaedg in England," and "Domiciled in the Shetland Islands," and to end her description states, "Delicate: contains one life." 

Inside "Water Sings Blue" the colors were vibrant and the whimsy over the combination of the sea turle and the verse was adorable.

There's a wide green map
on sea turtle's back.
Currents?  She knows
their flows, never slows,
needn't stop for directions
wherever she goes,
flapping her elegant
paddle-shaped toes. 

Meilo So's website intrigued me further with her designs for food packaging as well as another children's title "Alex the Parrot" by Stephanie Spinner. Looks like I have another book to discover.

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