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Friday, September 14, 2007

7, 5, & almost 3

We've been finding a lot of books we've really enjoyed lately. From popularity for my oldest to my youngest, ages 7, 5, and almost 3...these three books represent one for each child.

There's a jewelry tree given at a birthday party in Winnie & Ernst by Gina Freschet...I won't ruin the surprise of how it's made!
How I Spent my Summer Vacation by Mark Teague uses rhyme and it is very well done. It takes a creative spin on what summer break can entail (as demonstrated by the cover).
Normally I am very tired of hearing authors make up new words and using little sound bites, but not with Chicky Chicky Chook Chook. We read this with a classroom of three-year-olds and they were giggling away. My son loved it at least 7 times! I had to keep reading it just to hear him attempting the new sounds he heard. The talent of Cathy MacLennan goes even further with illustrations briming with imagination and texture!

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