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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kickin' In

Here's one craft idea that got pushed aside through our battle with illness in September. The cubes are unflavored gelatin with food coloring...all sealed in a plastic bag with electrical tape. We're going to make this, or mix some play dough, as we're out of that, too! For our day off on Columbus Day we did rubbings of quarters, dimes...pennies - and Olana & Sierra played together for an hour with that project. It was funny because I mentioned I was using it for the preschoolers at bible study. At first they shyed away from it, but when I wasn't looking they dug into the supplies. Chad grabbed everything off the table for supper...he didn't see the looming project in front of him! But we had no "dumps," so everything was fine. I know you're relieved. We are hoping for October's creativity to kick into high gear - there's definitely a starving artist in more than one sense of the definition.

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