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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Decorating

* This styrofoam ball gets sliced in two and painted for a turkey caddy! My hope is to prepare these for the kids to do over Thanksgiving as we travel. Then they can take the artwork from there - thanks to

* One fall table was decorated with green placemats, colorful napkins and centerpieces - but then ivory tablecloths. It was a refreshing combination.

* At a decorating seminar I heard the idea to put mums in pumpkins. Also surrounding a pumpkin atop moss with sunflowers - all the color just pops.

* I've seen a container covered with the shells of nuts, but placing berries inside was a new twist. It looked festive and would easily transition to Thanksgiving decor.

* Plastic cups - arrange them in mixed order of reds, orange, yellow and green.

* Cute to surround a pumpkin with knarly vine sitting on a large plate.

Think that's a good start - now I just need to get digging in the basement!

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