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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrating faith...

There were trumpets, cymbals and a chorus of "He is good, his love endures forever." Just saying it provokes the rhythmic dynamic of the praise. I want to be there, and in a sense, I am. God's people of that day were celebrating the completion of a temple where God's presence would rest until Jesus became our new way to have sins cleansed and our personhood renewed (2 Chronicles 5:12). 

Today there are many causes to celebrate, and I only hope we will remember to offer our whole selves - to be loud, to pull in as many who share a heart and voice of  goodness in faith that's true and blesses us through His abiding love, and to let go of fears holding us back. This last day of my study of Moses, I found myself thanking God for helping show me both His mercy and judgement to my children--a more complete picture of who He is...thanking Him for working on a sometimes rebellious heart and feelings of contempt when my way is forsaken, but most of all gratitude for power to change through following His spirit, walking in these discovered truths as I've understood them, and still the open opportunity to be forgiven if my feet stumble.  In my heart, there is a chorus of "He is good, his love endures forever," and accompaniment of trumpets and cymbals.  Please share if you have some praise welling inside of you today...isn't it a joy?


Jane Heitman Healy said...

I am praising God for some writing opportunities and for a beautiful, wind-free, warm evening!

Jennifer Noble said...

That's wonderful. Email me if you'd like, I'd love to hear more! Congrats :)