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Monday, May 25, 2009

Learning Exercise, literally

On the last day of our family camping trip we came up with a list of what we learned. It's documented in my journal, as it's a fun thing to celebrate as family.  Not that we haven't done so before, but learning builds as you spend time together, and it's a journey to get to this phase - to the point where personhood goes far beyond meeting physical & emotional needs to the intellectual arena, kids asking questions and thinking critically. 

Some of our observations, in spoken order...
--you need to be flexible
-not having music to listen to at night is okay
--you meet new people camping
-it's fun, even though it's hard
--the fats in cinnamon roll dough makes it fall apart when you cook it over the fire
-steerable bikes are difficult to pedal

I'd encourage a family camping trip if you're feeling ready.  What I observed is how normal it seems that our needs are met. Putting ourselves in an environment where this doesn't so easily happen gave us opportunities to help each other meet challenges. 

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