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Monday, June 08, 2009

Father's Day Ideas (for women only - no peeking Dad!)

Jazzed over a few suggestions from Rick Bundschuh (a pastor in HAWAII!!!)  from his book "Dating your Mate:  Creative Dating Ideas for Those who are Married or Those Who Would Like to Be" for Father's Day.

-Unroll the toilet paper a ways and write a message, then roll it back up and wait for the discovery.

-Play checkers and on the bottom of your husband's pieces, tape small notes that must be read and obeyed when he loses that piece.  Examples are "I will get your slippers for you" or "Stop! You get a 2-minute backrub."  Etc.

And from Lynn Walker's "Queen of the Castle" her idea was to make him king for a day, complete with a crown and hokey cape, a towel w/ safety pins works...  Then the king decides on the day's activities and meals, family members are his faithful servants.


Jane Heitman Healy said...

Fun, fun, fun! So you think the Sham-Wow I got is not enough?

Jennifer Noble said...

Remind me again, "What's a Sham-wow?"