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Monday, June 15, 2009

A little crafty...

First on the craft of writing, my nine-year-old took my four-year-old through the discoveries of planting a garden in "Mortimer's First Garden." The story by Karma Wilson builds through the waiting and hoping, through the rainy days to the climax of when there's green. This was fun to hear aloud, "Where his seed had been buried, the tiny green leaves poked through the earth. Mortimer danced and Mortimer pranced. He skipped around and around the tiny plant. "My garden!" he cried. "My miracle! Thank you, God!" Wilson is able to see the delight in God's creation and is witness to how a garden exemplifies its beauty.

Another discovery was the tender story of "Lucy Comes to Stay," where adventures with a new puppy show patience and the main character Mary Elizabeth nurturing the puppy's growth. It examines her lack of understanding for waiting to have Lucy sleep in her bed, but by the end of the book, it's time to embrace that step. This book has been my favorite read by Rosemary Wells.
"Name that Style. All about isms in Art" by Bob Raczka was my crafty book. I'm hoping to try a piece of "Op Art" with a willing child. The effects of this art are achieved by repeated geometric shapes and patterns along with contrasting colors. The idea behind Op Art is to explore how our eyes see. Although I learned a lot, I found the bio at the end the most delightful. Here's a sample: Bob Raczka lives in a yellow house with a picket fence in Glen Ellyn, Illinois (utopianism), with his wife, Amy (magnetism); their three children (adventurism) - and you get the idea.
Go explorism!

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