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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Stuff

Because of a shortage of time, you're gonna have to do more research on your own if you like the concepts of these books.  "Bats at the Beach" and "The Curious Garden" - both so stinkin' cute!  "Bats at the Beach" was written after the author observed bats late at night. Personified they're entertaining.  "The Curious Garden" takes the land barren and desolate and gradually adds in color in the form of gardens. I appreciated the point of view, as many times gardeners feel exactly that way - this space needs beauty, color.  For children, they are exposed to the timing and care-taking efforts of maintaining a garden.  Both of these books were at our school library, so I was excited to find them coming home in backpacks.

To finish it off, I'd recommend a Clif Crunch "White Chocolate Macadamia Nut" granola bar.  They are like having a cookie without the baking.  It reminded me of my own elementary days when they'd bake those flaky, sweet cookies.  Never did get that honey of a recipe!

Cheers to snuggling up with a child & reading...hope there's one nearby.

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