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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireworks Girl

Tonight as I crashed at the computer after packing, I landed a new desktop photo of fireworks!  I'm loving the black background and streaks of violet, orange and yellow.  Sorry I won't be in Sioux Falls with the crew, but we're going to mingle with a few friends and hopefully find a quiet 4th of July celebration (I know they exist).

Tie ribbon around a pony for a fun accessory!
The other tasks on my to-do list today were helping the kids present their play "Fitness is the Fashion" at Central and lead the creative efforts of a few cards and decorative pony holders for the girls' 4-H projects that they'll enter in the fair. I decided to hand off my 4-H leader responsibilities as my school commitment has ramped up. I'll miss the "reason" to craft, but I know that we have plenty we need to do, so hopefully I can still get my crafting in with the girls (watch future posts for my 'craft plan' - until then...) Enjoy the scanned project of Olana's that she completed this afternoon.

On a proud mom moment, Andrew commented as he went to bed, "Mom, you're the best mom."  I said, "Thanks, cuz' I'm your only Mom."  He replies, "You're the best mom I know."  Then I laughed and told him he went pretty far out with that one!  He gives me another hug and says, "You're really the best mom."  It was nice, as I had Olana & Sierra writing verses after complaining about who did which load of laundry when I was running circles around the house, but, I know that they're learning scripture ~ and tonight before they went to bed they got a healthy dose when they weren't in trouble, so it's all good!  Happy 4th ;)

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