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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colorado Vacation Funnies

Andrew's inspired artwork from the trip - note the raft on the right side.
We kicked off our first hour of travel with a new slogan, "Exercise self-control or exercise."  The consequence for a bad attitude included 15 push-ups, to which Chad immediately whined about stopping at a red light, and we all followed suit within the day to accumulate our own 15 push-ups.  We counted down the 50 states, totally 35 through our 8-day trek.  Here were the quotes along the way (the kids were sure to check if I get down anything funny they said!)

Andrew with his stuffed panda.  "I don't even have a name for my panda and he's like 22."  Dad, "You named him Sammy."  Andrew, "Oh yeah!"

Olana about what she forgot & brought says, "I brought hand sanitizer." And a minute later, "I brought hand sanitizer that is all out -- how good is that?"

As we rise in elevation Andrew notes, "I have pressure."

The girls alternated between singing "Rolling in the Deep" and "That's the Way it is."  I tried to steer them to something was an unsuccessful effort. As we went down Copper Mountain in a chair lift, they were led by their mother to tell everyone we saw, "You're cute!"

Chad's favorite part was seeing a valley.  Instead of "Check out the mountain," he's a valley guy.  "Look at that valley!"

He also enjoyed a list that a coffee shop had printed out in their bathroom with their website info (

The Economy is so bad...
I got a pre-declined credit card.
CEO's are now playing mini golf.
Exxon-Mobile laid off 25 congressmen.
I bought a toaster oven and my free gift was a bank.
Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.
Motel 6 won't leave the light on anymore.
A picture's only worth 200 words.

Last but not least, Sierra kept noticing the Amish who were also vacationing.  She couldn't remember what they were called and referred to them both as "pilgrim people" and "pioneers."

Oh wait, I read "I Capture the Castle" for book club through our trip.  Chad told the kids, "Mom's reading a love story, but a nice one, not a yucky one."  To which Andrew replies, "Oh, I don't like love."

PS - There's a "Difficult Campground" along the Independence Pass...somebody ought to check that one out!

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Your Hubby said...

Still laughing at these... such a fun vacation. Thanks for planning all of the fun activities!