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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friday's Highlight - A little history & writing support!

Umpire in a Skirt: The Amanda Clement StoryPublished by the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, Umpire in a Skirt is the story of Amanda Clement, a South Dakotan who became baseball’s first paid female umpire. Just over one hundred years ago, women did not play baseball, and they certainly did not umpire the games. But Amanda Clement changed all that in the summer of 1904, quickly becoming a national sensation for her umpiring.

Marilyn Kratz will introduce her new children’s book, Umpire in a Skirt, to baseball fans of all ages at the Main Branch of Siouxland Libraries on Friday, July 15, 2011, at 2 p.m. The book’s illustrator, Hector Curriel, will discuss how he created the pictures for the story. Ringer, the Sioux Falls Pheasants mascot, will make a special appearance.

We'll be checking in Friday afternoon as I'm so proud of both Marilyn Kratz and Hector Curriel. Marilyn has been at writing conferences in the area and has many pieces in childrens magazines and Hector is a wonderful testimony to a servant's heart as he visits those in prison and uses his Spanish language to share the gospel. 

It's a library extravaganza this week as we're at the puppet show (I'm hearing the elated screams while safe at the computer!) and Friday we'll get a motivational "reach-for-your-dreams" story and history lesson at the same time. Chad & I had a family reunion this past Saturday & one of his great-uncle's wives was a librarian at a South Dakota school.  She told me she keeps all of her library receipts to track what she's checked out and can keep a log that way.  I'm thinking that would simply things wonderfully!

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