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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Writing Exercise ~ #10 of 20

Thinking outside the box - maybe?  It's a writer's joy to read a Mad Lib, and I also think they can serve as a way to add entertainment to a paragraph or short story.  I don't suggest rewriting a Mad Lib word for word, but it's great to tweak an idea into a story, especially for kids.  After hearing a Mad Lib, I encourage my children to share their favorite parts with me.  It's the off the wall stuff that they remember, and perhaps can generate the beginnings of something unusual.

Here's a recent Mad Lib from the Noble crew.  (and one thing we do while collecting them is add to our list of adjectives in the back...a partial listing includes excited, fluffy, spicy, cute, thick, tight, scratchy).

"Emma is back!" That's what thousands of rye fans kept shouting at the top of their drums as the San Francisco Lights defeated the Miami TV's one to two. After almost two years of sitting on the jugs with broken brains in a bucked of milk, football great Lanacakes returned to the game and led her team to a short victory. In addition to running for two cups and throwing a bugspray-breaking twelve false teeth in a row, she saved the game by recovering a drumstick on the third yard-antennae.

If that doesn't stir up an image, I don't know what could!

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